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2 Jun

Yves Saint Lauren Mascara Vinyl Couture


 How much do I love black mascara? Let me count the ways: a few swipes instantly defines, lengthens lashes and instantly awakens the eyes—no matter how little sleep I may have had the night before. The only concurrence mascara has in the morning is definitely my morning coffee. So switching to a colored mascara was about as likely as switching to decaf—until now.

Enter Yves Saint Lauren Mascara Vinyl Couture. Each of the nine technicolor shades is vibrant, shimmery, and beautiful in their golden tubes—and absolutely terrifying to black mascara loyalists until it hits your lashes. In addition to adding some serious color to your lashes, the formula gives volume, length, conditions, and leaves lashes with a glossy finish that doesn’t flake or get chalky by mid-day. The colors are strong and shiny and you can get them in nine shades including two sparkling topcoats in gold and silver. I decided to go for green and went totally crazy with a pinkish-red for the lower eyelashes. To intensify the green masacara I used the full metal shadow and just dabbed it on my eyelid. To get a finish in my green-obsession I put no. 34 Jade Imperial on my nails.  

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